Vision of the Department

To provide an excellence platform for students to take off their career as a qualified electrical & electronics engineers, researchers, entrepreneurs & innovators, there by inculcate the value of knowledge-based economy and contribute them towards moral valued society.

Mision of the Department

  • To impart strong fundamental knowledge of Electrical & electronics engineering

(2) To encourage students for the online certificate courses offered by renowned institutes around the world

(3) To establish well equipped and easily accessible laboratories

(4) Imparting moral values in budding engineers.

(5) To develop soft skill and other employability skill

(6) Expose the students to research environment

(7) Promoting environment friendly and interdisciplinary projects

(8) To transform the innovative ideas to marketable products

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs):

  1. Graduates will have successful academic, industrial and research career in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  2. Graduates will resolve economic, social and environmental issues effectively in their work places.
  3. Graduates will have the desire of life-long learning and to develop leadership personality in them
  4. Develop engineering design skill, problem solving skill and aptitude for innovation as they work individually and in multi-disciplinary area.
  5. Graduates will possess leadership qualities, work harmoniously as a team member with effective communication skills.