Title Date Documents
Job Mela for Apprenticeship training at Jharkhand Rai University 25/Feb/2020
Wioska moldings pvt. Ltd campus drive 19/Oct/2019
Chibber constructions campus drive 19/Oct/2019
Pooled campus drive for different positions in PIE INFOCOMM 15/Oct/2019
Pooled campus drive for the position of “Technical Analyst” in HCL 07/Sep/2019
Pooled campus for 2014 and 2015 Batch students 11/May/2019
Corrigendum for Pool Campus Placements drive of Cognixia 29/Apr/2019
Pooled campus for HCL and Accenture 26/Apr/2019
Pooled campus in Paramatrix Technologies 23/Apr/2019