Hostel & Mess

NCE provides state of the art hostel facility for its students. There are total two hostels including a newly built girls’ hostel. All the hostels are well maintained and are equipped with all the modern facilities like telephones, color television, common rooms, ward servants, in-house games room and canteens.With the intake of about 200 students , the total strength of students in the incampus is 850. Both hostels are located within the campus .There are single seated rooms which are normally allocated to final year and pre-final year boarders. Multi-seated accommodation constitute 2-seated & 3-Seated rooms which are allotted to the students of 1st & 2nd year.

The administration of hostels is under the supervision of following professors:-

All Chief Warden Dr. Vinay Chaudhary 7004461236
Girls Hostel hostel superintendent Prof . Kumari Priyanka Sinha
Girls Hostel Assistant hostel superintendent Dr. Mamta Chahar 7709207646
Boys Hostel hostel superintendent Prof. Rajesh Batha 8979133839
Boys Hostel Assistant hostel superintendent Prof. Tripurari Das Gupta 9557745349