Minutes of Meeting
1.Supply of Hiring of taxies( AC& Non AC), and other servicesDownload
2.Corrigendum notice for supply of hiring of taxies and other servicesDownload
3.Tender Inviting for Lab EquipmentsDownload
4.Corrigendum notice for Lab equipmentDownload
5.Tender of E-bookDownload
6.Corrigendum notice for Supply of Hiring of taxies( AC& Non AC), and other servicesDownload
7.Tender for lab equipmentDownload
8.Tender for Physics , chemistry and computer network lab equipmentDownload
9.Tender for AC and other itemsDownload
10.Corrigendum notice regarding tender opening dateDownload
11.Corrigendum notice regarding tender modificationDownload
12.Tender for Civil workDownload
13.Tender for desktop computerDownload
14.Tender for smart class equipmentDownload
15.Tender for variable dc power supply regulatorDownload
16.Tender for som lab equipmentDownload
17.Tender for advance IOT lab equipmentDownload
18.Tender for computer network lab and softwareDownload
19.Tender for laptopDownload
20.Tender for server softwareDownload
21.Tender for PodiumDownload
22.Tender for Mechanical equipmentDownload
23.Corrigendum notice regarding tender of computerDownload
24.Tender for chemistry labDownload
25.Quotation for supply of Bentley Academic s BundleDownload