Depatment Of Applied Science & Humanities


Apart from the engineering  departments, Nalanda College of Engineering Chandi has separate supporting departments which are physics, chemistry and mathematics. There is a separate lab for science departments in the institute and this constitute of well qualified teachers and well equipped laboratories for physics and chemistry. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics is taught to the students of Engineering streams in their first and second years.

VIsion and Mission


To strengthen the region through imparting superior quality technical education and research; which enables the fulfillment of industrial challenge and establish itself as a Centre of Excellence .


  • To build an academic environment of teaching and lifelong learning for students to make them competitive in context with advance technological, economical and ecological changes.
  • To enable the students to enhance their technical skills and communications through research, innovation and consultancy projects.
  • To share and explore the accomplishments through didactic, enlightenment, R & D programs with technical institution in India and abroad.

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