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Civil Engineering

The field of civil engineering is developing steadily in recent years as we have now realized the importance of infrastructure development. If one has a crave for structural design, planning and construction, then this is the course to be explored. It includes study in the areas of Surveying, Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Irrigation & Water Resource Engineering and many more. The department aims to provide better education in the field of Civil Engineering to meet the ever growing construction industry and is dedicated to maintain highest quality in teaching both theoretically and practically and also train the young engineers equipped with latest knowledge in the field of Civil Engineering by providing conductive teaching environment in the classrooms followed by practical training in the relevant laboratory to have hands on experience on the concerned topic.

Mechanical Engineering

The branch of Mechanical Engineering is considered to be one of the oldest and broadest engineeringdiscipline.The scope of the course varies from material research to machinery development, Nano Technology, Smart materials, Aerospace Technology, FMS, Automation and such other interrelated developments.Ample job opportunities are open for Mechanical Engineers in Aerospace, Automotive and Manufacturing sectors apart from research establishments.The areas of study includes Manufacturing processes,Mechatronics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Tool Engineering and Design, Design of machine elements, CIM and Robotic. We aim to bridge the gap between industry and educational institution, and for this we have qualified faculties and labs with modern testing machines and equipmentsto cope up with advanced technologies.

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

This is a new branch which provides integration of Electrical and Electronics engineering. The major thrust in this course is related to the basic principles and detailed analysis of equipments and systems for generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electrical energy. The department is committed to engage in high quality research and pursuit of excellence in teaching. The faculty members of the department are actively involved in research and development in challenging areas of both theory and experiment. The labs established here have been well equipped with the latest equipment. Instructional laboratories for Basic Electronics, Analog Electronics and Digital Electronics are fully operational.

Computer Science & Engineering

The field of Computer Science and Engineering nowadays has become one of the most demandable branch amongst the aspiring engineers.We have a goal to provide an outstanding learning environment complemented by excellence in teaching.  The Department is moving ahead to build technical platform to students by spreading awareness of technologies, transferring of the knowledge, sharpening the obtained knowledge, and exposing students to solve real time problems. Laboratories are fully equipped with latest computers and are supported by high speed Internet connection. Job opportunities are available both in private and public sectors for a graduate of this discipline. Subjects of further research include Artificial Intelligence especially Neural Network and Machine Learning and many more.

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